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Mini Trees Make A Big Impact

Not every Christmas tree has to be big enough to put gifts under. Some trees may be quite diminutive, but can still be quite charming. Like the European-style mini Christmas tree or the mini Alberta spruce that can be used to decorate windowsills and outdoor pots.

To Prune or Not to Prune

Stop Pruning Flowering and Deciduous Plants There are a number of plants that shouldn’t be pruned anymore. If flowering plants are pruned now, you are taking off the new buds. This reduces the number of flowers in the coming spring.

Dividing Perennials

With the weather still nice and the soil still not too hard, this is the ideal month to dig up your perennials, separate the roots and replant them. Not only does this keep them healthy, but it is a good way to make more plants.

Crickets at Night

When you lay down to sleep various things often keep you awake like loud music, sirens, and traffic. If you’re a light sleeper even little things will keep you awake like dripping water, a ticking clock or even a noisy little insect like a cricket that’s gotten into your house.

Seeding Your Lawn brought to you by the Scotts Company

There are three basic things you need to do to get good results when planting grass seed: Buy good seed. Prepare the soil properly. Keep it moist after planting. These are described in detail below. NOTE: In warm-winter climates with lawns of St. Augustine grass and centipede grass, you may need to plant sprigs, plugs, or sod. What to consider before you buy grass seed   The result of " bargain " grass seed. For just a few dollars more, get results like this with Scotts 99.99%-weed-free seed.   All grass seed may look alike, but there's a world of difference in results.

Beatin' the Heat

August heat can scorch your lawn into straw and ruin months of attentive cultivation. To avoid that, water your lawn frequently. This prevents the grass' root structure from rising toward the surface in a desperate search for water.