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  • SKU: 242673
  • Model Number: Coops & feathers
Coops & feathers, extreme walk in walk in barn coop, unique lay out with 2 separated areas & 2 separate entrances, you can enter from the backyard area or directly into the barn from full sized doors, backyard area gives your flock plenty of room to roam around & get some fresh air when the barn is all closed in, with access through a small chicken door at the bottom of the barn, barn area is where you will find the nesting & roosting areas plenty of room for up to 24 chickens, depending on breed, free range door allows the flock to roam free as they wish & is closeable when it is time for the flock to get back in the barn, inside are 2 full sized windows for ventilation, outside assembled dimensions: 140.6" x 108.3" x 96" ,
  • Free-range door
  • 2 walk in doors
  • Multiple roosting bars
  • 6 nesting bays
  • Houses up to 24 chickens, depending on breed
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  • SKU: 242682
  • Model Number: Coops & feathers
Coops & feathers, extra large, walk in hen coop, taupe with dark chocolate trim, has an interior nesting box, can house up to 12 chickens, depending on size & breed, made of solid wood construction, durable wire, asphalt roof & heavy duty latches, rear vented window to allow for better circulation, free range door can be opened to allow chickens to roam about freely, access to the 3 nesting bays from the outside rear of the coop for easy access to the eggs, a wooden ramp leads up to the enclosed nesting & roosting area, outside assembled dimensions: 98.4" x 55.1" x 70.9".
  • Interior nesting box with 3 bays
  • Vented window for increased circulation
  • Rear access to enclosed coop area
  • Free-range door
  • Houses up to 12 chickens, depending on breed
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  • SKU: 242683
  • Model Number: Homes & Quackers
Homes & quackers, duck house, with pond, brown with white trim, pen area has a raised wire floor & white plastic pond, access door to the pen area to easily change water & feed ducks, access door in the back of the enclosed area that has a wood floor, asphalt roof protects the ducks from the rain & sun, a decorative widow opens & closes, giving added circulation, outside assembled dimensions: 70.08" x 39.37" x 50".
  • Ashalt roof
  • White, plastic pond
  • Raised wire floor in pen
  • Enclosed area has a wood floor and access door in the back
  • Window opens & closes for ventilation and viewing ducks
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  • SKU: 242676
  • Model Number: Coops & Feathers
Coops & feathers, extra large, chicken ranch coop, dark red with black trim, has door & window access to the enclosed roosting area, nesting box has a hinged, asphalt roof & is accessible from outside, an asphalt roof protects your chickens from rain & sun, roosting area has a pull out tray for easy cleaning, houses up to 8 chickens, depending on size & breed, easy assembly, outside assembled dimensions 84" x 44.9" x 70.8".
  • PVC Roof
  • View/vent window
  • 3 nesting bays
  • 2 roosting bars
  • Pull out tray for easy cleaning
  • Houses up to 8 chickens, depending on size
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  • SKU: 242674
  • Model Number: Coop & Feathers
Coop & feathers, xl superior chicken coop includes an expanded pen, free-range door, 1 external and 2 internal roosting bars, enclosed roosting area, easy access nesting box with 3 bays, asphalt roof & vented interior this coop houses up to 6 chickens, depending on size & breed, outside assembled dimensions: 84" x 40" x 57".
  • Houses up to 6 chickens
  • Asphalt Roof
  • Free-range door
  • 3 nesting bays
  • View/vent window for increased circulation
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  • Manufacturer: Precision
  • SKU: 186343

This Chicken Coop houses up to 5 - 7 adult chickens. Raising chickens can be a fun and enriching experience, and there are so many rewards to keeping chickens. They have amusing personalities, are low-cost to maintain and they provide organic, hormone-free and nutritious eggs.


The key to raising chickens is a safe and secure home that allows enough room to stretch out her wings and move about comfortably. Chicken homes by Precision Pet Products provide the backyard farmer with shelters that are beneficial in raising happy and healthy chickens.

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