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Extreme Chicken Barn Coop, Walk-In, Holds 24 Birds, 140.6 x 108.3 x 96-In.

  • SKU: 242673
  • Model Number: Coops & feathers
Coops & feathers, extreme walk in walk in barn coop, unique lay out with 2 separated areas & 2 separate entrances, you can enter from the backyard area or directly into the barn from full sized doors, backyard area gives your flock plenty of room to roam around & get some fresh air when the barn is all closed in, with access through a small chicken door at the bottom of the barn, barn area is where you will find the nesting & roosting areas plenty of room for up to 24 chickens, depending on breed, free range door allows the flock to roam free as they wish & is closeable when it is time for the flock to get back in the barn, inside are 2 full sized windows for ventilation, outside assembled dimensions: 140.6" x 108.3" x 96" ,
  • Free-range door
  • 2 walk in doors
  • Multiple roosting bars
  • 6 nesting bays
  • Houses up to 24 chickens, depending on breed
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