Duraflame® Fatwood Firestarters (86.4 cu in)


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All natural, concentrated resin wood firestarters provide a consistent flame for starting wood and charcoal.

Duraflame® fatwood Firestarters make it easy to enjoy a fire or barbeque anytime.

  • 100% natural, resin wood
  • No additives
  • Fast lighting
  • Lights wood fires and charcoal


Duraflame® fatwood comes from the tree stumps of non-endangered pines that continue to absorb quick-burning pitch after the trees have been felled. The concentrated, 100% natural resin ignites quickly from one match and generates an intense, sustained flame. No new trees are cut down and no additives have been applied to the product. Duraflame® fatwood is both user and environment friendly.


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